Every now and then you come across a couple of action figures from different toy lines, that look strikingly similar. In this example, we have the Toy Biz Joker and Quick-Draw The Mask action figures. Now the Joker’s fedora accessory can be hard to find, but it really completes the outfit when you do. The Mask on the other hand, comes with a hat that is part of the head-sculpt, to avoid becoming an elusive accessory. In my opinion, The Joker wore it better, mainly because of the black paint detail on the hat. Also, the scarcity that comes with an accessory that falls off the figure so easily, makes it more appealing. The Mask’s pinstripe paint application is top notch though and really adds another dimension to the suit. It’s not the only time Jim Carry has been an action figure. He also made an appearance in Kenner’s Batman Forever toy line as The Riddler.