Ghostbusters Fright Features

The Kenner Classics line of reissue Ghostbusters action figures continues with Fright Features! Originally released in 1987 for Wave 3, these odd looking variants were a fresh take on the 4 core characters (and also Janine, in Wave 4).

Left: Wave 3 (1987), Right: Kenner Classics (2024)

First, we’ll take a look at Egon Spengler, who is my personal favourite in the wave. With a quick push of his left arm, the head raises, jaw drops and the tie springs up. Speaking of that tie, this is one of the most notoriously fragile pieces of plastic in the history of toys. With a thickness of barely 1mm, it doesn’t take much for it to snap right off. I’m not sure if the designers at Hasbro took this into account for the reissue, but time will tell if the new Egon’s tie will suffer the same fate as his ancestor’s. Either way, it’s so great to get another chance with a full length tie and a bright white jumpsuit with no yellowing.

Next up it’s Winston Zeddmore with his sweet grey jumpsuit, purple gloves and yellow accents. The fright feature on this one is very satisfying and probably the most animated of the batch. Pressing down the right arm will send his head spinning upward, while simultaneously opening his mouth super wide. The only downside is the gap where the jaw meets the head can cause a resting sad face for poor Winston. Regardless, seeing this back on store shelves is bound to give you a resting happy face for a long time.
What can I say about Ray? He’s ready to play in tan, teal and grey! One of the best colour schemes in the whole Ghostbusters toy line in my opinion. This guy is super fly with his zipped down jumpsuit, exposing the largest no-ghost decal in the toy line! When you press down on his right arm, those stylish Ecto Goggles lift up to reveal a pair of eyes straight out of a classic cartoon. And if that’s not frightening enough for you, his ears extend out too.
Last, but not least, we have the (not so) fearless leader of the group; Peter Venkman. Rockin’ the knee-high wader boots and yellow utility vest, he’s all set to snag the Gruesome Twosome Ghost. With a face that resembles a ventriloquist dummy, this guy will set you up for hours of hair raising, eye-popping and jaw-dropping fun.

Overall, if you looked past the distorted facial features and lack of proton packs on these guys, they were an innovative step forward in the Ghostbusters line-up. My eyes popped out of my head when I heard they would be making a comeback in the Kenner Classics lineup!

Check ’em out here!