Hey look, it’s Wave 1 of the new Dungeons & Dragons Cartoon Classics Action figures! Along with a couple of the original LJN D&D figures from the 1980s for scale.

In the first wave of the series, you can bring home the magic of: Hank, Diana and a Bobby & Uni 2-pack.

They come in Hasbro’s new eco-friendly, plastic free packaging, which I get, but am not a huge fan of. The main problem is that it doesn’t let you see the actual figures inside. A lot of “die” hard collectors will most likely prefer to keep these figures mint on card. Never knowing for sure what kind of paint defects could be hidden inside.

Either way, I’m thankful they didn’t opt for the open window-style card backs. Combined with the ball joint articulation of the necks, I find the heads are quite vulnerable to “popping” off before they’ve been purchased.

In addition to some pretty cool accessories, each of these comes with its own custom die that you can use for actual D&D gameplay.

So if you’re cool with the modern, blind-box style packaging on these classic style action figures, I’d definitely recommend giving them a roll!

Check them out here!